Specialty Consultations

Specialty Consultations

Child* Astrology Chart Consultation:

*This consultation can ONLY be scheduled by, and conducted with, the child’s parent and legal guardian. By scheduling, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older, you are the child’s parent/legal guardian and have your child’s permission (if they are 13 years of age or older).

15 minutes: $50

Wait time usually 3-7 days (except for summer & holiday schedule)

This consultation is a wonderful tool for parents to aid in supporting your child. Gain a better understand your child’s needs and potentials for success as seen through their birth chart.

Makes a great gift for a baby shower! Just choose “Gift Certificate – Child Consultation” on the booking page.

Your Past lives and Karma

30 minutes: $80

Wait time usually 1-3 weeks (except for summer & holiday schedule)

What went wrong? What went right? In which direction do I head in this life to gain new experiences and achieve success? Discussion includes past life story and current karma.

Career Guidance/Vocational Analysis

60 minutes: $120

Wait time usually 1-3 weeks (except for summer & holiday schedule)

What career path best suits me?  What daily routines should I employ to be efficient?  What are the skills I need to develop to be successful?  Learn all of this and more with the vocational analysis.  Discussion will include future developments in relation to the career and reward cycles as shown in your chart. 

Relationship Analysis

60-90 Minutes: $150

Wait time usually 1-3 weeks (except for summer & holiday schedule)

(looking at two natal charts) This option is great for ALL kinds of relationships:  dating, marriage, romantic partnership, business partners, mentor/mentee, teacher/student, parent/child, friendship, siblings. 

 Using natal astrology for both people, an overview is given for each partner as well as relationship patterns and dynamics. Analysis conducted using an Element comparison grid, Synastry, Midpoint composite and Davison chart.

Need a relationship analysis for 3 people? Please contact me for more information & for pricing.

Happy Birthday! Your Solar Return

10-15 minutes: $45 (Pre-recorded audio by Jenni Webb*)

Wait time usually 3-7 days (except for summer & holiday schedule)

Every year, on or around your birthday, the Sun returns to the zodiac sign and degree of your birth. The Solar Return is a snapshot of the planetary positions on this day and offers clues concerning your major themes for the next year.

Will your love life get all of your attention? Is there support for building a career? Will you ever get some quiet time? This pre-recorded reading will offer details about your solar return chart, the next year’s developments and how the planets on this day can open doors for you as promised in your natal chart. (Solar Return analysis should always take into account the natal chart!)

Makes a great Birthday Gift!

*NOT a live phone consultation. Reading is audio recording (mp3) and emailed via Hightail. Please provide your birth data at checkout and LOCATION (city/state) of WHERE you will be ON your birthday.

Where Should I Live?* ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY

(Returning Clients Only)

15-30 minutes: $80

Wait time usually 1-3 weeks (except for summer & holiday schedule)

*Returning clients only. Can be included in the One-Hour update reading for returning clients or scheduled separately. If included in a One-Hour update, kindly request when scheduling.

(Includes a copy of your ACG map, and relocated charts for certain “hot spot” locations)

Your Astrological Birth Chart outlines all of the success potentials for you in this life. Whereas the transits tell us when, there is a tool that can help us find where in the world those potentials could actualize. By living in a particular location, you witness certain dormant abilities come to life.

Dreaming of becoming a writer? Running your own business? Or maybe you wish to step into the spotlight or find lasting love?

Astro*Carto*Graphy is a type of geographic/locality astrology, where the birth chart wheel is replaced by a map with rising, setting and culminating lines for the planets. This allows us to quickly locate the best locations for your aspirations.

Whether you are job hunting or just need a change of scenery, ACG can help you find what you’re looking for. Schedule an appointment today.

When is the Best Time To … (HORARY ASTROLOGY)

15-30 minutes: $80

Wait time usually 1-3 weeks (except for summer & holiday schedule)

When is the best day to get married? When should I begin a new diet and exercise regimen? When should I open a new business?

The moment of our birth is important in the identification of our motivations, personality, energy and needs. New beginnings in our lives also carry forth a particular energy with them, depending on the astrology of that day, time and location. Just as every human being has a unique natal chart, each new venture in our lives also has a “natal chart.”

Horary astrology requires different techniques from natal astrology. It’s unlikely to “make or break” a new business or relationship (although this is debatable!), but carefully choosing a start time can give your new beginning an extra boost for success!

You will have a chance to provide details on what is most important to consider in new venture and what your goals are. (For new businesses, filing an LLC or reincorporation, I will provide you with a questionnaire before the consultation). Be prepared to choose between two options when scheduling.

Option 1:

Provide me with a maximum of 3 different dates. I will rank the dates from most preferred to least preferred and explain the pros/cons of each.

Option 2:

Provide me with a time frame that you would like to begin (e.g. Spring 2024, anytime 2025). Consider time of day, day of the week, etc. The more flexible you can be, the easier it is to find a suitable day & time to begin for the best chance of success. I will pick 3 days from the given time frame and explain the pros/cons of each.