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Do you wonder what goes on in an astrological reading? Join us and listen to real clients discuss their astrology readings with Jenni Webb – what was talked about and how things turned out after the session ended. We also dive into current events and their correlation to planetary patterns, as well as charts of the famous… and infamous.

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Episode 005: Astrology for 2023 – Personal, Society & Sun Sign Forecasts

The Astrology of 2023: Find out what the stars hold in the New Year!  The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020 was just the beginning!  With Pluto’s entry into Aquarius, we will be moving to the next phase of this new world. Hear the 2023 forecast for each Sun Sign. Venus & Mars retrograde, the next eclipse cycles and the luckiest days of the year will also be explored.

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Episode 005: Astrology for 2023 – Personal, Society & Sun Sign Forecasts

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