In the Works

In the Works!

(to be released throughout 2023, subject to change)

Introduction to Astrology Natal Chart Series

(Each lesson builds upon the previous, subject to change)

Introduction to Astrology 101: Key Components of the Zodiac, Part 1 (releases April 23-May 6)

Introduction to Astrology 102: Key Components of the Zodiac, Part 2 (releases May 28-June 10)

Introduction to Astrology 103: Planets in the Natal Chart, Luminaries

Introduction to Astrology 104: Planets in the Natal Chart, Main Planets

Introduction to Astrology 105: Planets in the Natal Chart, Common Asteroids

Introduction to Astrology 106: Houses of the Natal Chart, Including the Four Main Angles and Hemisphere Emphasis (possibly split into 2 lessons)

Introduction to Astrology 107: Special Considerations (Retrograde Planets, Intercepted Signs, Part of Fortune, Nodes of the Moon)

Introduction to Astrology 108: Planetary Aspects

Introduction to Astrology 109: Chart Patterns

Applying Your Knowledge Series

How to Use the Keywords and Read Your Own Chart (releases after Intro to Astrology 104)

Bonus Lessons

Moon Void of Course, What it is and the Do’s/Don’ts

Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology

Mythological Archetypes of the Twelve Zodiac Signs

What Does the Future Hold?

(to be released in 2024)

A Prediction Tier, perhaps? After we dissect the Natal Chart to the content of everyone’s Virgo and Gemini planets, we’ll dive into prediction lessons!  We’ll also do deep dives into the various topics previously introduced, e.g. The Role of the Moon & other planets in fulfilling needs, the Houses of Relationship & Love, Blending the Big Three, Repeating Patterns and locating “Themes”, etc.  Exciting stuff!

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