Personal Prediction Reports

Personal Prediction Report*

Limited Availability

3-Month Prediction Report*: $63

6-Month Prediction Report*: $90

12-Month Prediction Report*: $144

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Personalized predictions based on YOUR birth chart. Which days are good for communications? Which days will I be more energetic? Optimistic? This report offers an average** of 4-6 detailed descriptions of minor astrological events (with dates) per month without the confusing astro lingo! What you need to know to plan your month!

Accurate birth info required, INCLUDING BIRTH TIME. (Although most other reading options on this page do not require accurate birth time, inaccurate birth time can drastically affect this particular report). You can choose the day you want the report to begin. Limited Availability. All Predictions written by Jenni Webb. PDF format.

*This report is best used for planning your month.  Free will and personal choice always play a role! Outcomes of astrological events can vary from person to person, depending on a variety of conditions including, but not limited to, environmental circumstances, family of origin, one’s culture, job status, family commitments, mindset, etc.

**Please note that this is an average. Some months may have more or less depending on the astrological events occurring during that time.

Disclaimer – Jenni Webb Astrology