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Welcome to Jenni Webb Astrology! With over 20 years of dedicated astrological research and chart consultations, I bring unparalleled expertise to guide you through the intricate pathways of karma and the evolving soul. As a professional astrologer, my mission is to help you gain deeper insights into your personal journey. My services are designed for discerning individuals who are ready to invest in their spiritual growth.

Dedicated to helping people navigate life’s challenges

I have a passion for helping individuals understand their life’s purpose through the lens of astrology, empowering them to navigate relationships, career choices, and personal challenges with confidence and clarity. My goal is to provide insights that promote spiritual growth and healing, allowing each person to evolve and thrive.


To know where you’re going, you must understand where you have been! I have been connecting with Jenni for more than a year on several different growth journeys and I find so much clarity and understanding during and after our sessions. She is a warm soul that teaches and shares life insights with immense knowledge that has given me comfort and motivation as I bloom. I highly recommend learning and growing with her on your self-discovery journey! Thank you Jenni!

– Dana C.

Detailed & Thorough

I was amazed at the abundance of detailed information in my 60-minute reading. I now have several pages of notes to guide me through the year. Jenni answered all of my specific questions and provided additional insight and guidance. Her description of my recent past was completely accurate and provided some much needed clarity. I was so impressed, I just ordered the past lives/karma report and monthly prediction report. Astrology is fascinating, and Jenni’s delivery is easy to understand and very thorough. I can’t wait to see what this year holds, now that I have this valuable insight!

– Lisa P.

Expert & Supportive

I would highly recommend getting a reading from Jenni, I’ve been a client for several years and the information she provides has been both applicable and useful in all facets of my life.  Jenni provides sage wisdom and is well versed at handling any questions you can throw at her, she goes through your entire chart and explains everything so you get a good sense of how everything works.  Jenni also has a knack for breaking down complex problems into understandable chunks and gives guidance on what to look out for on your journey.

– Jason W.

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Personalized Readings

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  • Tailored Strategies for Personal Growth and Success

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