Returning Clients – One Hour Reading

Live phone reading. Includes an MP3 Recording of the session and an emailed copy of the Astrology charts with notes.

One Hour Reading, Returning Clients*:

1 hour:  $95

Chart is thoroughly researched prior to consultation for a rich analysis. In depth discussion of the next 6 months: what to expect, when to take action, windows of opportunity, how to navigate challenging times.  Since the first reading mainly focuses on Sun/Moon/Past lives, these readings allow for understanding of other planets in the natal chart as they are activated by the current planetary transits, progressions and directions. Questions welcome: career, love, money, friendship, family, children, spiritual growth, transition, crisis, long-term planning, relocation, etc.

If you prefer to have an in-depth discussion about any of these topics, the following specialty readings are available:

Career Guidance / Vocational Analysis

Relationship Analysis / Synastry

New Client – Mini Reading (Child)

When is the Best Time to … (Horary Astrology)

*Solar Returns or Child Mini Readings may be included in this hour.  Please request when scheduling.