The Zodiac Stones™ PLANET SET with Book


Individually engraved and hand painted.  

Quantity = 11 stones & 11 keyword cards, one book, one box.

Paperback will be available to ship beginning October 30.

$5 shipping (entire order).

Stones are approximately (1-3) x (1-3) cm.

1 in stock (can be backordered)


If you have a special stone request, would like to substitute any of the stones listed below or prefer a PDF version of the book, please contact us via email or this form.

Quantity = 11 stones + one paperback copy of The Zodiac Stones™ book + one black velvet box with glass lid + 11 Metal Keyword Cards.

Stones are approximately (1-3) cm x (1-3) cm. (for individual stone sizes, please review each individual stone by using the SEARCH box).  Box is approximately 6 in x 8 in with 12 compartments, glass lid and two latches/buckles on outside.

For sample pages of the Zodiac Stones™ book, click here.

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Engraved Stones: Sun-Green Aventurine, Moon-Unakite Jasper, Mercury-Sodalite, Venus-Rose Quartz, Mars-Red Jasper, Jupiter-Lapis Lazuli, Saturn-Black Obsidian, Uranus-Hematite, Neptune-Amazonite, Pluto-Petrified Wood

Stones with no engraving: Amethyst 

FAQs: Shipped stone may not be one of the exact stones in the picture but will be similar; many stones are a combination of quartz and various minerals mined from deep within the earth – there may be small cracks or dimples in the stone, or dark sediment inclusions – this is natural; NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS – if you are unhappy with your order, please contact us.   see disclaimer