Introduction to Astrology 101: Key Components of the Zodiac, Part 1


Here, we discuss key components of the Zodiac, elements and polarity.


Welcome to Introduction to Astrology 101!   Here, we discuss the key components of the Zodiac and why we describe each zodiac sign the way that we do. The keywords for each sign will make more sense after you begin to get a grasp on these components. It will also help you to come up with some of your own keywords as you begin to get a feel for each one. That’s our ultimate goal with the Intro series!  The goal is not to memorize the definition of Leo rising or Venus in Gemini or Sun square Pluto; it’s to get a feel for what these mean, how they influence a person’s basic needs and how they can manifest themselves in day-to-day life. Key components of the Zodiac is split into two videos; both are discussing the key components, but 101 is part 1 (elements and polarity) and 102 will be part 2 (modality and orientation) and that is the next video to be released in the series.