Mercury and Mars: Summer Road Trip


               Mercury and Mars might be best buddies this summer… or worst enemies. But, either way, they will be traveling together from June 18 until September 3, 2019.  Mars is not usually known as anyone’s “best buddy” but he can provide the courage or motivation we need, when we need it most.  Around Summer Solstice (June 21), Mercury and Mars will be side by side in Cancer, opposite the retrograding Saturn and Pluto conjunction.  (For more information, see my last article concerning the Saturn Pluto cycle) This is a very powerful axis that incites events concerning family, morals, security, control, authority and power, as well as needing to find a balance between them all.  Those in high positions will have strong words for their opponents, to say the least.  We will find out who is in charge.  In our personal lives, confrontations will occur.  This is a time to be honest about what we want and need but finding balance with family demands is just as important.  Otherwise, we may find ourselves in a standoff – neither side backing down and harsh words and pride leading to loneliness.  If you have planets in Libra, you will need to learn when to compromise and when you’re giving in too much.  Have planets in Aries, you need to summon up the courage to ask for what you want but also recognize when you’re going too far.  For Cancer planets, express any hurt feelings, but be open to rational advice from friends.  For Capricorn, don’t let work and goals take over your life and push out the ones you love – if your kids start acting up, they are telling you they need some uninterrupted one-on-one time.  Fifteen minutes of full attention is worth more than being with a distracted parent for hours. 

                Take note of events during the second half of June.  These events will usher in a theme of development that will unfold as we approach Fall Equinox (Sept 23).  The second phase will occur July 7 – July 31, with Mercury station retrograde at 4°Leo.  This is a period of retreat and contemplation. It will start very strong – feelings that were stirred up in June will fiercely re-surface.  No hidden agenda, no fake persona, no lies.  This is me, like it or not!  If you feel like a friend or co-worker is hiding something, this is when the truth will break. It’s a great time to have some fun and express yourself creatively, but beware of arguments and temper tantrums.  If someone gets under your skin, walk away and cool off for a while.  You have 3 weeks to work it out and process emotions, so don’t rush to conclusions.  Find out how you really feel first. 

                On September 3, Mercury and Mars end their travels together as part of a quadruple conjunction in Virgo – Sun, Mercury, Mars at 10° and Venus slightly ahead at 16°.  Positive solutions to any issues will come to light and bring support with them until September 10.  These solutions may involve service, intense analysis, constructive criticism or a new health regimen.  If you have planets in mutable signs, (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), don’t tear yourself apart – or let anyone else tear you apart– in an attempt at perfection.  Self-Acceptance is key here.  We all have the ability to envision our ideal self. But this is for the purpose of working toward it, not necessarily achieving it.  If we were perfect, there would be no point to our incarnation on this beautiful Earth.  Focus on today and each step of improvement.  Find satisfaction in the development process.  This is where true happiness lies.  Many blessings to you on this journey and have a wonderful summer!

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