Starter Package

Starter Package, New clients*:

Three One-hour sessions: $285 (Save $50)

*For new clients only. All 3 sessions must be for the same person (Partner may be present for the relationship analysis).

This package includes three one-hour sessions. Schedule your first session at checkout. Sessions 2 & 3 can be scheduled at any time and require me to send you a special booking link. Kindly request this link via email when ready to schedule Sessions 2 & 3.

Session 1: The Basics. Live reading. Similar to the mini reading, but more in-depth . Chart thoroughly researched prior to consultation for a more rich discussion. Sun/Moon sign and in house with major aspects, the past life story and current karma, major configurations are included.  For this 1 hour consultation, the last 15 minutes are devoted to discussion of the upcoming 6 months. Questions welcome.

Session 2: Career Guidance / Vocational Analysis. What career path best suits me?  What daily routines should I employ to be efficient?  What are the skills I need to develop to be successful?  Learn all of this and more with the vocational analysis.  Discussion will include future developments in relation to the career and reward cycles as shown in your chart.

Session 3. Relationship Analysis / Synastry. (Please allow 60-90 minutes for this session) This option is great for ALL kinds of relationships:  dating, marriage, romantic partnership, business partners, mentor/mentee, teacher/student, parent/child, friendship, siblings.  An overview is given for each partner as well as the nature of the relationship and future events.  The following charts will be emailed just prior to the appointment: Element comparison grid, Bi-wheel chart comparison, Midpoint composite and Davison composite.