Apr 30, 2022 – Solar Partial Eclipse 10° 28’ Taurus by Jenni Webb

With a solar eclipse in Taurus, events occur which help to stabilize our life, meet reliable people and lay solid foundations for our long-term goals.  The conjunction with Uranus will bring surprises and possible initial disruption, but only for the purpose of getting our attention and clearing the way for a new path forward – sometimes we’re so wrapped up in our busy schedules and the complexities of life that we forget about simple truths.  Eating regularly.  Getting enough sleep.  Enjoy the warm embrace of a friend when they offer up a hug.  Stop and enjoy the magnificent springtime blooms.  Nature can be a great teacher.  So often, we bombard life with our will and demand the things we want, forgetting that patience and “going with the flow” can lead us to happiness with a fraction of the effort and benefits to everyone we meet along the way.

An eclipse period is a time of change.  Its effect can last up to 6 months, with the greatest intensity felt within a week before or after the event.  Spiritual growth can be accomplished much more quickly during this time if the eclipse falls in a sensitive area of your astrological birth chart.

Helpful hints for handling an eclipse:

  • Doors may open and surprise possibilities appear where you thought change was impossible; keep an open mind so you are able see these awesome opportunities!
  • Try not to make big plans or commitments within two weeks of the eclipse.  Many changes are in the air; you may change your mind or you may not have all the facts yet
  • Don’t plan a major event (wedding, etc.) during the 48-hour period leading up to the eclipse.  A surprise could cancel/change your plans
  • Expect to hear surprising news just prior to the eclipse… where the eclipse falls in your chart gives a clue to the kind of news you’ll hear!


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