Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Your Solar Return

Expect invitations too!  A surprise invite December 21-31 could kick things off (especially Dec 29). A New Year’s Eve party, perhaps? It’ll be worth making an appearance. Someone lovely could sweep you off your feet and carry you into the New Year!

If New Year’s Eve proves uneventful, get back into dating in January, maybe try online.  You’ll be more likely to meet someone who’s an excellent match.  But if you find an argument begins to brew on the first date, kindly excuse yourself and leave!  Mars is camping out in your Solar 7th House and will be throughout the current retrograde cycle.  This is a time to avoid unnecessary conflict.  Save your energy for those with whom you must cooperate (co-workers, roommates).  Now through March 2023, you should be airing grievances with others and finding a middle ground.  It will be challenging, but you can get there!

This also applies to those already in committed relationships.  Yes, you can ask your current partner to go out on a date!  Buy flowers, leave sweet notes in their laptop bag, send an out-of-the-blue “I Love You” text.  As time goes on in a marriage/ commitment, we need to work for romance. We may not always feel like it, but it’s important to put the effort into staying connected.  February 27 – March 2 are nice days for love.

As we transition to the long, hot days of summer, you will feel a shift of focus to home and family.  There may be increased responsibility, possibly with a parent.  Maybe they need a ride or help with errands and yardwork.  A child may need more assistance too – summer sports perhaps?

Dissatisfaction could arise with your current living conditions.  Have you outgrown your current home? Need more space? Repairs? Regular maintenance?

You’ll feel a strong urge to take care of things by mid-June, then the pressure will ease, and you can spend more time on the patio will a cool drink and your favorite tunes!

Look for a work opportunity in the second half of 2023.  It may not come with an immediate bump in pay, but if you work hard, the reward will come after you prove yourself.  This energy continues, and strengthens, into 2024.

Lucky days for Sun in Sagittarius:

Nov 24, 2022, New Moon (whole lunar cycle)

Dec 29, 2022

Jan 26, 2023

Feb 15, 2023 (creativity/love/money)

Feb 27-Mar 2, 2023 (creativity/love/money)

Mar 21, 2023, New Moon (whole lunar cycle)

Jun 5 – Jul 9, 2023 (love)

Aug 16, 2023, New Moon (whole lunar cycle)