October 30 – January 12: Mars Retrograde

Mars is the planet of desire and action.  It provides us with the energy and drive to get through the day, courage to maintain our independence and ability to defend ourselves when necessary.  But when the red planet stops and reverses from its usual forward motion, this is called Mars Retrograde – and our usual activity and flow seem to take a turn as well.

What will this look like in our daily life?

Look back to October 10-20.  What was going well? Was a project advancing? Did your relationship go to the next level? It’s likely that things were moving forward with ease and minimal effort.  Everything was falling into place (especially for those with planets in air signs – Gemini, Libra, Capricorn). 

The issue is that the ease of motion may have propelled you forward too far, too fast.  Mars retrograde tends to disrupt momentum.  You find it takes more effort to accomplish the same tasks that you were flying through two weeks ago.  Suddenly, there are bottlenecks in the supply line.  Co-workers get sick and you must cover their workload to make a deadline.  Children are interrupting.  A desperate friend, amidst a crisis of their own, won’t stop texting you.  Expect events to occur that slow you down.

For some people, the halt in activity may be caused by a feeling of dissatisfaction in a particular area of life.  Do you really want to go back to school or pursue that certification?  Maybe that’s not where your heart is right now. 

How about the promotion you applied for?  Is the extra pay really worth the extra responsibility that comes with it? Or maybe you’re thinking about moving, having a baby, getting engaged or another significant life event.

What should we do right now? 

Pay attention to the area of life that seems to be slowing down here and what is/isn’t working.  It’s wise to postpone a new venture during this time, but our lives don’t have to stop.  Move forward cautiously and make sure you’re not running on auto-pilot.  Think through your decisions as you go through the day, even the “small stuff.”  Expect a turning point around December 7.  You should have more clarity by the end of this cycle (mid-January 2023).

Here are the do’s and don’ts for Mars Retrograde:


•Sign contracts or make verbal agreements

•Continue with projects/commitments that are unsuccessful

•Make significant new beginnings (especially starting a new business)


•Practice self-awareness

•Get organized & be patient

•Find a healthy outlet for anger

What area of life will this affect for you?  Visit my website for reading descriptions and scheduling.  www.jenniwebbastrology.com/services