September 25: Libra New Moon

Every new moon is full of potential.

It’s a great time to set your intentions for what you want to manifest over the next month. You may have lots of ideas, but things tend to flow more smoothly if we can choose something from the heart and if it relates to the sign the New Moon occurs in.

This New Moon will occur at 2° of Libra.

Libra is about love, partnerships, negotiation and beauty.  Good intentions would be: getting along better with others, update your wardrobe, acting more decisive, balancing work and personal life.  What do you think of when you focus on the word “peace”?  That should be your goal!

The New Moon will be conjunct Mercury and Venus in Virgo, with Mercury still retrograde. With everything that has happened during this retrograde cycle so far, it is a great time to redefine your ideals.  Have you lowered your standards with dating recently?  If so, make a list of the qualities you would prefer in a partner and seek those out.  Or are your expectations too high?  Try to be more realistic.  We all have imperfections and are incarnated on this Earth to learn and grow – hopefully together.

Any issues with your ideals will become apparent by the Full Moon in Aries on October 9.  If your wants/needs are out of balance with a loved one, a correction will need to be made at that time.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): This New Moon will be a test of your personal relationships, specifically your ability to communicate with others.  Have you been clear about your expectations?  Or maybe your wanting too much?  Sometimes when we’re exciting about a new hobby or business opportunity, our loved ones begin to feel ignored.  Libra energy is great for bringing areas of our life back into harmony.  Take a break from the ambition and make time for the ones you love.

Gemini, Aquarius: You can get a lot of work done over the next few months, if you remain focused on your goal.  You are feeling productive and determined!  How about getting a little creative with your work?  Set the intention of adding a little artistic spin to your current projects. 

Virgo: This lunar cycle doesn’t affect your sign directly, but those with planets 20-29 degrees of Virgo will receive some benefit.  Set the intention of updating your goals so that they’re more current.  We’re always changing and evolving, so our dreams should evolve as well.  Contemplate your options until Mercury goes direct on October 1.  Then, it’s full steam ahead!  (Well, until the October Mars Retrograde!)