Mercury Retrograde: Sept 9 – Oct 1

Mercury retrograde is a time to turn our thoughts inward and review our plans for the future. Sometimes, it can reveal new information – and these facts may be important enough to alter your course.  Many people associate this period with communication issues, technology breakdowns, mail/shipping delays, etc. Most do not understand why this is happening. It’s not to annoy, irritate or test our patience!  That’s just an unpleasant side effect. It is a time when we are pulled inside ourselves for reflection. Outward expression is more difficult, therefore everyday communication becomes disrupted.

Mercury will station retrograde close to 9° Libra‚ on September 9th. This encourages the need for balance. Over the past 4-6 weeks have you taken on too much?  It’s time to sift through your workload and see what can go.  Even social invitations can feel like a burden if you’re exhausted – and August was a big month for many of us.  With all of the outer planets retrograde, as well as Mercury, a break may be necessary to recharge.  Nothing big tends to move forward during these retrograde times anyway.  You won’t miss much!

The sign Libra also relates to the importance of healthy relationships. Mars will be in a trine to Mercury, as well as squaring the Moon/Venus opposition. Is there anything in your relationships that could be made better? Are you trying to help someone but feel overwhelmed? In order to restore harmony to your life, you need to be assertive and speak your truth.  We can’t expect someone to read our mind and know how we feel. Make sure your basic needs are taken care of first – otherwise, you won’t be of much help to others.

Are you struggling to get motivated? There are many possible directions available right now with Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Air signs.  It’s likely that you can find at least one option you like.  Give it a try and see what happens.  With Saturn involved, you can turn a curious thought into a long-term, profitable venture or at least a new hobby.  But you won’t know until you try. Be thorough in your work and have patience to give yourself the best chance for a positive outcome.

Mercury will station direct at 24° Virgo‚ on October 1st opposite Neptune in Pisces.  If you haven’t been realistic about something, or if you’ve missed important details, it will be brought to your attention around this time. It’s also a great time to gain some understanding about why we react to certain situations the way we do – especially if it involves getting angry.  You can get to the root cause which will enable you to make necessary changes, but you need to be willing to look at your behavior – and do so without judgment.  Everyone has room for improvement.