Astrology and COVID-19: Changing Times

As we find ourselves making major adjustments to daily life, there’s no doubt we’re shifting into a new era.  As an astrologer, I have been anticipating the year of 2020 for quite some time.  Although I couldn’t anticipate the exact events that would manifest in our reality, I could foresee major adjustments.  This includes downsizing, resourcefulness, hard work, getting back to basics and even loss but promises rebirth if we accept the challenge in front of us and do our best.

Many are wondering when we’ll “get back to normal.”  When Saturn and Pluto made a major conjunction in Capricorn last January, our reality first began to shift. There will be no going back to the way things used to be.  Of course, we will again be able to travel, visit our loved ones and attend social gatherings, but our habits will forever change.  And they should.  With Pluto, there is no going backward and Saturn tends to bring lasting change.  There’s always a hidden gem with Pluto – a gift.  But only if we get rid of what’s unnecessary to make room for our new future. 

What will that look like?  Jupiter and Saturn rule over society.  With their Grand Conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020, we will launch into a new technological age.  Jupiter and Saturn have been conjoining in earth signs every 20 years for quite some time.  This is a new 200 year cycle of their meeting in Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Communication and innovation will happen at the speed of light.  Sometimes, it will be difficult to keep up!  But we are seeing an initiation into that now.

Saturn has briefly left Capricorn and entered Aquarius, where he will remain until July 1, before retrograding back into Capricorn for the late summer/fall.  Early Aquarius is the area where the Grand Mutation will take place later this year.  Spring 2020 is a time of testing and a preview of what’s to come – especially technological advances and how we see ourselves as an integral part of society – which is good news for the global crisis we find ourselves in.  Since Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius, we’ve had a flurry of developments such as rapid COVID-19 tests and Battelle’s mask sanitizing machine.  Look for this trend to continue until Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn, but also watch for the dark side of this too – e.g. hackers.  Protect your information and be wary of scams. When Jupiter meets up with Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius in December, any issues not resolved during this time will come with solutions to move us forward with confidence.   

Hang in there and know you are not alone.  Ask for help when you need it.  Call at least one friend or relative every day.  Explore new ways to reach out. Envision what you’d like your new life to look like, now that you’ve gotten down to basics and have had some enforced quiet!  We all have a role to play.  Meditate and let the universe reveal to you how you can be the most helpful.  We will get through this.  Venus retrograde is coming up and she enters the first shadow phase next week, which occurs prior to the retrograde.  Look for my article on this astrological event to help deal with issues concerning money/government stimulus, love, friendships and social connection.