Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2019 – 2020


The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (22°46’) urges us to put forth great effort in a particular area of our lives. This effort will result in a transformative change leaving us happier and lighter.  It may be on the physical plane (rebuilding your health, remodeling a home, more responsibility at work, getting a degree), it may be psychological or emotional, or all of the above.  Regardless, the sign of Capricorn usually requires us to produce something tangible.  Therefore, any therapy may be aided by journaling.  If your finances need an overhaul, writing out income and expenses may give a new perspective on your budget.  If you have been struggling with your children and getting them to help around the house, having a discussion with them may not be enough. Create a chore list. The point is, any ideas and thought processes should be given form that we can see and touch – then we make the best use out of this conjunction.  A quick look in your chart can tell what house this conjunction falls in, and in what area you should be focusing.

When is it?  The conjunction will not become exact until January 2020, but the effects have already begun. There was a solar eclipse close to the midpoint of these two planets January 5, 2019. That immediately grabbed our attention.  Political turmoil and issues of power dominated the media. Many individuals were feeling the pressure to conserve what is important to them and drop any dead weight. Saturn and Pluto will get close in proximity at the end of April, but then station retrograde and give us a break over the summer before turning direct.  (Please see one of our Mercury Retrograde articles on our website for retrograde definition)

By now, you may be wondering how this will affect you and your life. Please feel free to sign up for a reading at any fair I am attending or contact me at the email below to schedule a full reading.