The Dance of Venus and Mars 2018: Part 2


The second phase has begun with Venus in the late degrees (25-29 degrees) of Libra and Mars in late Capricorn, resulting in a 90-degree square aspect between the two.  The theme of change continues to be prominent. This phase continues until the middle of September as we work to find balance in relationships.  The issues that arise may not be completely resolved during this time, as they are closely linked to the final dance in November through the next Venus retrograde cycle.  Take note if you have planets in these areas: 25-29° Libra, 0-5° Scorpio, 25-29° Capricorn, 0-5° Aquarius, 25-29° Cancer, 0-5° Leo, 25-29° Aries, 0-5° Taurus, as this will have a meaningful impact on your life.

The tense square by Venus and Mars will bring out any ego conflicts that have been brewing under the surface.  This is compounded by the involvement of Uranus in Taurus, which acts like a lightning rod in a thunderstorm.  Discord can arise suddenly, without warning.  Relationships on solid ground can withstand these pressures and this time will turn out to be a bump in the road – your bond will strengthen through communication and honesty.  Those without strong roots, and already on shaky ground, may come to a sudden end.  This time will reveal which relationships are worth our time and energy and those that drain us of our natural vitality.  If interactions with your mate require much effort that often leave you fatigued, this is a warning sign.  Sometimes, our differences are too great to overcome, or the timing is just not right.

Problems relating to independence, self-reliance and control may get in the way of our ability to make a compromise.  These problems are not out of the blue.  But, it may appear that way because so much of our processing lately has been done quietly and internally.  With 5 planets retrograde through much of August, it may have seemed that everything was going OK – with the exception of some delays and sitting around, waiting for our projects to progress.  Now, with Mercury and Mars moving direct (forward motion), we can speak and act freely again – and Saturn isn’t far behind. 

Best advice moving forward: confront relationship issues head-on.  Be honest.  Listen.  Take a break, if need be. Try to wait until Sept 15 before making any permanent decisions.  This is the time when deeper issues will become clearer and allow for constructive conversation and realistic solutions.  This is when it’s best to decide whether the effort will be worth it.  And… more help is on the way this fall!  Venus retrograde (Oct 6 – Nov 16) will help us sort out unresolved issues from the past, and The Dance of Venus and Mars: Part 3 will be very beneficial for compromise and putting our plan into action.  Stay tuned for future articles on both events!

If you missed the first part of this series, please check out “The Dance of Venus and Mars 2018: Part 1”