When is the Best Time to … (Horary Astrology)

10-20 minutes: $60

When is the best day to get married? When should I begin a new diet and exercise regimen? When should I open a new business?

The moment of our birth is important in the identification of our motivations, personality, energy and needs. New beginnings in our lives also carry forth a particular energy with them, depending on the astrology of that day, time and location. Just as every human being has a unique natal chart, each new venture in our lives also has a “natal chart.”

Horary astrology requires different techniques from natal astrology. It’s unlikely to “make or break” a new business or relationship (although this is debatable!), but carefully choosing a start time can give your new beginning an extra boost for success!

You will have a chance to provide details on what is most important to consider in new venture and what your goals are. (For new businesses, filing an LLC or reincorporation, I will provide you with a questionnaire before the consultation). Be prepared to choose between two options when scheduling.

Option 1:

Provide me with a maximum of 3 different dates. I will rank the dates from most preferred to least preferred and explain the pros/cons of each.

Option 2:

Provide me with a time frame that you would like to begin (e.g. Spring 2024, anytime 2025). Consider time of day, day of the week, etc. The more flexible you can be, the easier it is to find a suitable day & time to begin for the best chance of success. I will pick 3 days from the given time frame and explain the pros/cons of each.