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Aries: Mar 21 – Apr 19

Aries is a fire sign.  Fire signs are focused on using their intensity and directness for pure self-expression. Aries is compatible with both of the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius.  Compatibility within each element is widely known among those familiar with astrology, but did you know that Aries is gets along well with the two Air signs Gemini and Aquarius?  

Aries is attracted to Sagittarius’ love of adventure.  The new and exotic travels which Sagittarius craves, Aries sees as challenging and invigorating.  Sagittarius wants to tag along when Aries’ signs up for this weekend’s 5K or gets tickets for their favorite sporting events. 

Aries appreciates Leo’s courage to show off creations in spite of the fear of negative feedback.  Leo admires Aries’ true expression of self, even if it results in rocking the boat.  

Gemini is full of helpful ideas for Aries search for the next exciting venture.  Aries’ boldness to jump into the unknown and live to tell about it holds Gemini’s attention with these stimulating stories.  Conversations bouncing around from topic to topic occur often and sometimes well into the night!  

Sometimes learning courage requires Aries to charge forth alone and Aquarius admires Aries independence.  Aquarius values freedom just as much as Aries, if not more so, and they can respect this need in each other.  Aries finds Aquarius’ rebellious nature attractive and enjoys jumping in on a defiant act once in a while as a test of bravery.