Stone Readings

Coming Soon!

Which Zodiac Stones™ do you need? Soon, I will be offering Stone Readings. Based on your natal astrology chart, I recommend stones that can help enhance your potentials, learn from life lessons and smooth over difficult areas.

Two options:

  1. Stone Reading – based on natal chart potentials
  2. Stone Reading – based on upcoming planetary transits within the next 6-12 months

Stone Readings will include:

  • Two engraved crystals or stones with engraved metal keyword cards, shipping included in package price (currently, we only ship to US locations)
  • 10-minute pre-recorded MP3 audio, detailing the stone and which area of your chart the stone will enhance

Requests: You may request particular stones, symbols or areas of your natal chart that you would like to work on. Particular stones may result in an increase in overall price of the package, but only if you request a more expensive stone. I will NOT pick a more expensive stone and upcharge. See the individual descriptions of the Zodiac Stones™ to compare pricing. (Most Zodiac Stones™ are currently $10.00).

Symbols are powerful. Just like the written word, a symbol has a
meaning and carries a vibration. The Zodiac Stones™ use
astrological symbols and their inherent meanings to enhance
particular properties of the respective crystals or stones. If you
can identify what area of life you would like to improve, you can
use this book to find the right Zodiac Stones™ for you.