New Clients – One Hour reading

Include an MP3 Recording of the session and an emailed copy of the Astrology charts with notes.

Full reading, new clients*:

1 hour ($115)

Live reading. Similar to the mini reading, but more in-depth . Chart thoroughly researched prior to consultation for a more rich discussion. Sun/Moon sign and in house with major aspects, the past life story and current karma, major configurations are included.  For this 1 hour consultation, the last 15 minutes are devoted to discussion of the upcoming 6 months. Questions welcome.

* If you are a new client with a thorough understanding of your natal chart, and you would like to discuss the future only, you may book a 1 hour reading with me at the price of $115 (kindly indicate this when scheduling – choose “new client” and after picking a time slot, there will be a question titled “Is there anything else you would like to me to know?”). 

All subsequent readings for returning clients are $95.