December 7: Gemini Full Moon

This Full Moon occurs when the Moon in Gemini comes to oppose the Sun in Sagittarius.  This axis highlights our need for curiosity and openminded versus our need to have faith and commit to a particular doctrine. Blind faith, self-righteous attitudes or too much confidence in another person could lead to issues at this time. If so, explore another approach, be open to suggestions and willing to walk down a different path.  Do you have the courage to change what isn’t working?  

Unrealistic expectations associated with the November  New Moon will lead to problems now. You may feel a need to defend your beliefs or encounter someone  who is defensive.  Be open and listen to others.  You don’t have to agree, but don’t shut out other’s opinions.  You may learn something. Maturity during this time will lead to wisdom, but if you’re overwhelmed with irritation and anger, you’ll miss the insight.

Planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces:  This is when we reach a climax from our efforts. Did you pursue new education or classes? Develop new goals? Or maybe you were searching for solutions to relationship issues. If you find yourself still struggling, the path forward needs to be a spiritual one. What does the Universe seem to be supporting? Find some quiet time to reflect and listen to  Spirit.  It’s easier for you right now to clearly see what needs to be done. 

Planets in Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius: You will have an easier time. If you’ve been actively trying to manifest projects since the New Moon, this is when your new goals will be tested.  If you’ve experienced a slow down or frustration since the beginning of November, solutions to these problems may now reveal themselves. If  confusion still permeates your mind, you’re not alone.  Many of us are experiencing this.  Have faith and keep up with your normal routine. Stay realistic.  This time next month, your path forward should become clearer. 

Planets in Taurus, Scorpio: Take time to meditate and stay open to messages from your spirit guides.  Your goals for learning, education or spiritual studies need an adjustment.  The path forward should be based on want your soul wants, not your ego – pay attention to how you feel.

Planets in Cancer, Capricorn: You need to make an adjustment in order to move forward.  Pay attention to sudden insights that appear during this time.  This will be your clue as far as what needs to change.