October 25: Solar Partial Eclipse – 2 Scorpio

With a solar eclipse in Scorpio, events occur to help regenerate our body, mind and spirit. The conjunction with Venus draws attention to relationships, finances and our preferences. Scorpio energy is present as well, intense and powerful. Expect serious topics to come up in conversations.  Anything taboo and normally hidden from view is in plain sight.  Pay attention.  It’s very valuable in your quest to attract cooperation, love, financial prosperity and all things Venusian.  There is one caveat though – you have to let go of something first. Where the eclipse falls in your natal chart will provide clues as to what to give up.  Also, make sure that you are not headed down a path based on self-centeredness and greed.  Maintain an “attitude of gratitude,” share with others and know your limits.

An eclipse period is a time of change.  Its effect can last up to 6 months, with the greatest intensity felt within a week before or after the event. Spiritual growth can be accomplished much more quickly during this time if the eclipse falls in a sensitive area of your astrological birth chart.

Helpful hints for handling an eclipse:

•Doors may open and surprise possibilities appear where you thought change was impossible; keep an open mind so you are able see these awesome opportunities!

•Try not to make big plans or commitments within two weeks of the eclipse.  Many changes are in the air – you may change your mind, or you may not have all the facts yet.

•Don’t plan a major event (wedding, etc.) during the 48-hour period leading up to the eclipse.  A surprise could cancel/change your plans.

•Expect to hear surprising news just prior to the eclipse… where the eclipse falls in your chart gives a clue to the kind of news you’ll hear!

Planets in Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo: You  feel the most intensity from this eclipse. Look back to the last solar eclipse in April of this year. What was going on then? Your goal at that time was to simplify some area of your life or to incorporate simple wisdom into your decision-making. If you were able to do that, this time should be easier. Then you will have created some space where old emotions or beliefs buried in your unconscious can rise to the surface be dealt with.

If you did not make changes last spring or gave up too early, this time could be rather difficult. With Mars station to go retrograde right now, an old stuck emotion could be one of anger. Fortunately, eclipses are known for bringing these things to our attention. All you have to do is have some quiet time, get in touch with yourself and be honest about what you find.  This is a tremendous opportunity for growth, but you have to make the decision to make necessary changes and evolve. The planets never do the work for us.

On the bright side – in the eclipse chart, the fixed star, Spica, is rising. This is one of the most fortunate stars in astrology.  When rising in any chart, it promises unlimited good fortune, happiness and/or progress – even better than anything you could imagine. So, stay positive!

Planets in Cancer, Pisces: Take a look at the eclipse forecast for Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo. Much of this applies to you as well – but you will have an easier time.  You may find that any emotions that arise now won’t be that disruptive.  You may even attract a new relationship to you – one with a strong emotional connection and a possible karmic bond. Maybe the two of you knew each other in a past life? If a new acquaintance feels vaguely familiar, like you knew them before, maybe you did! (That’s where an Astrology Relationship Analysis/Synastry Chart becomes very useful. It can reveal karmic ties and the purpose of the relationship. For more information, please click the LinkTree on my profile page or visit my website at www.jenniwebbastrology.com/relationship-analysis-synastry).

Planets in Gemini, Libra:  This eclipse may not affect these planets directly, but you can use any of your Libra and Gemini planets to help bring you good luck, especially

if those planets are between 20 and 29° of these signs. The fixed star, Spica, is rising in the eclipse chart, which is very fortunate. (See the forecast for Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo) Her energy will be flowing easily to Libra and Gemini (and even Aquarius!).

To take advantage: focus on communicating clearly with others, thoroughly research new ideas, have the courage to ask questions, turn off TV  and read more.  Look to the house these planets fall in to know what area of life to further focus this behavior.