Mars Retrograde 2020

The planet of desire, energy and action stationed retrograde Sept 9-10 at 28 degrees of Aries.  This natural part of the Mars cycle occurs once every couple of years, stopping us in our tracks and forcing us to take time to re-evaluate our goals.  Difficulties with projects can emerge.  Assuming that something external hasn’t stopped us in our tracks, the energy to push ahead just may not be there.  Best to take a time out and look into things further.  Usually, road blocks mean we’re either not ready or we don’t have all of the info yet.  Although frustration can develop, this is a great period to do some investigating.  Is this the direction you really want to head in?  What are the risks?  The benefits?  With The outer planet trio (Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto) in Capricorn, getting ready to leave their summer retrograde phases and turn direct again, this is a year to avoid cutting corners.  Capricorn, and especially Saturn, are known for pushing back when we’re too eager. 

This Mars is especially strong in the sign that it rules (Aries) and will make a 90 degree square three separate times to this trio in Capricorn. (direct, retrograde and direct again).  This is linked to events of late March this year when Covid-19 spread rapidly around the world.   Look for world developments in mid-October and December. 

A retrograde Mars lasts two months. Underlying anger may surface, but don’t shove it down.  Suppressed anger holds us back.  Difficult conversations may happen around Sep 23-24 and a solution may not be immediately seen.  Especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Don’t worry though.  This is part of a process – keep talking.  Look for a breakthrough around Oct 13.  A new beginning is possible for relationships a few days later at the Libra New Moon, but move forward slowly due to Mercury station retrograde at this time. 

Mars stations direct Nov 13-14 at 15 degrees of Aries.  Any situation or circumstance that clearly isn’t working, won’t last much longer.  Make necessary alterations to projects and relationships or risk being pushed beyond your boiling point.  Life’s answers arrive when we’re calm and our minds are clear.  This is the work of the retrograde phase – uncovering solutions and releasing resentment and hurt feelings.  That way, you’re ready to move forward in November.