The Dance of Venus and Mars 2018: Part 1

As we track the movement of Venus and Mars across the sky this year, a theme emerges: Change. Venus and Mars in aspect to each other (i.e. opposition or square angle) will not be a rare occurrence.  What makes this year special is that every time it occurs, one of the planets will be stationary (not moving).  As a planet slows and prepares for direction change (backward or forward), its power to influence strengthens.  (Note: planets do not actually change direction but they appear to as viewed from the Earth).  This dance will be naturally divided into three phases that we will explore separately. 

The dance begins around June 26, with a Venus – Mars opposition.  Mars will be stationing retrograde (the stop before moving backward) at 9° Aquarius opposite Venus at 9° Leo.  This time will be significant for you, if you have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) between 0-15° Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio.  Maybe you will meet someone new!  The axis is squared by Jupiter at 13° Scorpio (approaching a direct station).  Jupiter expands everything it touches, and is increasing our self-confidence, desire and willingness to go after what we want.  It is quite possible that you may find yourself pursued by another!  A new love interest could rush and eclipse everything else during this time.  A few warnings: Jupiter’s good feelings and great expectations can lead to being too optimistic and taking on too much. Self-confidence can lead to arrogance and acting without considering the feelings of others.  Or we may dive head-first into something new without protecting our hearts. Don’t get me wrong – enjoy this time…  Soak it all in.  We all need some romance, physical intimacy and slow-dancing under the stars.  But how should we do that?  Slowly building trust over time. 

This time is better suited for casual dating … or exploring social issues, breaking through barriers and blowing off steam. If you have personal planets between 0-15° Aquarius or Taurus, then your need for freedom may cause conflict in a current relationship.  For some, this could result in a temporary or permanent separation. Beware of impulsivity and channel any extra energy appropriately – a night out dancing with friends, a round of golf or tackling some yardwork you’ve been putting off.  Do something to show how much you appreciate your partner.  Sending flowers or treating to dinner will go a long way.  You may not realize just how much time you are devoting to your current plans and projects – and your partner may feel left out.

If you are more tuned in to 0-15° Leo (have personal planets here), then you will be needing some extra attention from your lover.  If you’ve been exhausting yourself just to get noticed, then your disappointment will become obvious and an argument could begin.  Take the time now to set aside your pride and let your partner know how you feel and what you need.  Maybe your partner is so wrapped up in their own world right now, they don’t realize that they’ve neglected you… even if only emotionally. 

Part 1 of this dance is great for dating – if you’ve been looking online, take a chance and agree to meet for coffee.  Pick a few potential partners, keep it short (30 minutes or less).  If you’re not online, make sure to get out of the house once in a while!  It’s very difficult to meet people when you’re home alone watching Netflix. ? The universe has blessed you with open-mindedness and extra confidence during this time.  Have fun, but be patient and take it slow.  If already committed, schedule some excitement for you and your love.  Spice things up, possibly rock climbing or a weekend in Vegas.  If you need more attention, be direct about it and plan something entertaining for the two of you.  Master this phase and you will be ready for Part 2 in August.  Get prepared today with a chart reading!