The Purpose of Astrology

“What if my horoscope says something bad? I don’t know if I want to know…” This is the most common concern I hear from those interested in an astrological chart reading. Fear of the unknown can prevent us from fully experiencing our life and knowing our potential. Many unfamiliar with this tool (and it’s only a tool, not a belief) think it’s “fortune telling”. No wonder there’s so much fear! Fortune telling is not our game. We study cycles and patterns of spiritual growth. It reveals our motivations, needs, issues and struggles. The purpose of astrology is to honor our true nature, but also to help us make better decisions. That is where “looking into the future” will come into play, but not as fortune telling… rather to gain insight about the spiritual development that is occurring within and having an effect on our emotions, mind, body and environment. There’s nothing in the future to fear, except our own lack of understanding and failure to know who we really are.
Future event predictions using any tool will have some sizable probability of inaccuracy. For any reputable astrologer, accurate predictions of future events is not our aim. Honestly, it would be a waste of time for both astrologer and client. Every individual has free will to make choices. A chart reading is very much a conversation between astrologer and client. At best, the astrologer can give a list of probable/unlikely events, but each moment is up to the individual. Each moment of our life, we are making a choice. The purpose of astrology is to help with these decisions and help you live up to your full potential!